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Together with our expert team, you can develop and deploy highly-efficient BPM software, custom-fit to meet your enterprise’s digital needs and requirements.

With our responsive BPM software, you can streamline your critical business process management routine, introduce new enterprise-specific features into the system, effortlessly migrate legacy systems and apps into the BPM platform, and help your enterprise swiftly adjust to the changing regulatory requirements of the industry.

SmartexLab delivers industry-leading Alfresco BPM development, customization and integration solutions, that empower you to make the most out of your business process management software.

Alfresco BPM Benefits

Open up to the market of tomorrow with the Alfresco business process management system.

  • Easy to develop and deploy

    With the open Alfresco BPM system, you can design, implement and tweak your critical business processes in no time. The suite encourages you to experiment with new process models, maneuver your share process forms and decision tables, and enjoy fully-integrated corporate data without compromising on security.

  • Powerful task and case management

    The Alfresco-powered BPM software enables you to deal with non-routine business scenarios. Delivered BPM integration solutions bring together all information, tasks and documents, stimulating fruitful collaboration amongst multiple teams and successful completion of business processes.

  • iOS and Android app-native

    The dynamic BPM system is complete with swift iOS and Android apps that keep you and your customers in-sync with the latest critical business process data. The app’s features span straightforward task and new process creation, notification system, open case status control, and content exchange.

  • Open integration and extension

    Utilising the Alfresco flexible open-source system, you can ensure your processes evolve at market-speed. This easy-to-scale software enables effortless BPM integration with your existing systems and provides ample room for extension under the BMPN 2.0 and DMN standards. Complete with a Java-based process engine and open APIs, the BPM system grows together with your business, turning feedback into new features.

  • Enhanced process compliance

    Advanced BPM automation ensures data transparency and drives compliance. When fully-integrated with other business apps and content sharing systems, Alfresco process services bring record activity, document creation and declaration as well as casual content under compliance control and helps your enterprise meet tight regulatory requirements.

  • Advanced business analytics & reporting

    The Activiti-centred business process management software is complete with powerful business analytics and reports tooling that enables you to track, analyze and tweak critical processes in a more conscious manner, bringing your enterprise’s performance under tighter control. The BPM system has in-built support for the clustering of process engines, protecting your operations from system outage and app down time.

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Suit-up your BPM software for the digital future with SmartexLab.

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We provide the digital solutions to excel in the competitive services landscape. Discover what makes us the right BPM software partner for you.
Proven domain expertise

Proven domain expertise

Having delivered multiple domain-specific projects, we have acquired extensive domain expertise together with a sharp insight into compliance and sensitive data security requirements. This enables us to address both the tech and business requirements of your case with high-level efficiency.

Collaboration flexibility

Collaboration flexibility

We are ready to jump headfirst into your digital project and deliver fast; working remotely or on spot. If more research is needed, we offer Discovery phase services and identify all the business/tech requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

Transparent project management

Transparent project management

Dedicated to Agile principles and ideals, we apply the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, and maintain daily communication with our clients. Benefit from 24/7 access to powerful project management tools to ensure your project runs on-time and on-budget.

Top-notch tech skills

Top-notch tech skills

Handle strategically important critical projects with our team of over 50 experts. Leverage your performance with their first-hand knowledge of web and mobile development, testing, deployment, integration as well as cloud computing.

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