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SmartexLab specializes in customizing and integrating Alfresco with your existing applications and processes, making sure your enterprise gets the most out of its content management.

With our responsive ECM solutions, you can store large amounts of data across different file formats, order information with a handful of organizational models, track content via advanced filtering and tagging, and encourage collaborative content creation within your company. The enhanced ECM system boasts infallible permission structures and powerful security levels, ensuring the integrity of your content and protection of sensitive information.

Delivered ECM software meets your specific enterprise needs and requirements, and lets you increase productivity and better govern your content flow.

Alfresco Advantages

Tap into the power of Alfresco with SmartexLab. Explore the benefits of custom-created ECM solutions and give your enterprise a boost.

  • Open Source

    Complete with open source and open APIs, Alfresco is easy to extend and customize to your enterprise’s specific needs. The digital platform sports immediate usability of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Outlook and, and is integrated with SAP and AutoCAD, and supports such open standards as CMIS, CIFS and WebDAV.

  • Cloud-native architecture

    You can deploy Alfresco Content Services on your own server, move it to the cloud or opt for a hybrid-cloud set up. WIth flexible deployment options, Alfresco is naturally optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and easy-to-scale.

  • Scalability

    The Alfresco platform grows with you, making it possible to start with a limited functionality and then spread across more workflows, departments, locations, etc.

  • Increased productivity & efficiency

    Upgraded ECM software brings content and processes together and lets you access all your company's data anywhere, anytime. With no need to download the document or to open it in a different application, you can dedicate your business time to the tasks that matter most.

  • Better governance

    Alfresco lets you can streamline content lifecycle management and enjoy fully-integrated and cost-efficient content and processes governance. The platform automatically manages content capture, retention and destruction while delivering powerful access controls and security clearances under DoD 5015.02 certification.

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SmartexLab transforms the way you interact with your enterprise and ensures an unhindered, fully-integrated information flow across your enterprise content management system.

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We provide the digital services needed to excel in the competitive services landscape. Discover what makes us the right ECM solutions partner for you.
Proven domain expertise

Proven domain expertise

Having delivered multiple domain-specific projects, we have acquired extensive domain expertise together with a sharp insight into compliance and sensitive data security requirements. This enables us to address both the tech and business requirements of your case with high-level efficiency.

Collaboration flexibility

Collaboration flexibility

We are ready to jump headfirst into your digital project and deliver fast; working remotely or on spot. If more research is needed, we offer Discovery phase services and identify all the business/tech requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

Transparent project management

Transparent project management

Dedicated to Agile principles and ideals, we apply the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, and maintain daily communication with our clients. Benefit from 24/7 access to powerful project management tools to ensure your project runs on-time and on-budget.

Top-notch tech skills

Top-notch tech skills

Handle strategically important critical projects with our team of over 50 experts. Leverage your performance with their first-hand knowledge of web and mobile development, testing, deployment, integration as well as cloud computing.

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