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Opting for SmartexLab’s billing software development services, you can automate patient eligibility, authorizations, pre-certification and verification; charge capture and data entry; claim submission and processing; EFT and remittance receival; denial management and A/R follow-up; patient revenue recovery; and reporting.

We develop both web and mobile medical billing software that seamlessly integrates with existing employee and customer data, providing you and your clients with a hassle-free billing experience.

Our healthcare billing solutions portfolio includes dental billing software, hospital billing software, physical therapy billing software, and pharmacy billing software.

SmartexLab offers advanced medical billing solutions, designed to streamline the business side of your organization and optimize your operational costs.

Medical Billing Software For Your Clients

Track payment records from registration to the final balance payment with SmartexLab’s top-notch digital solutions.

  • Positive customer experience

    The core of SmartexLab’s healthcare billing solutions lies in the straightforward user-friendly interface that encourages intuitive navigation from any device.

  • Smooth payment processing

    We offer smart medical billing solutions and ensure an uninterrupted error-free payment processing where the billing and amount collected from products, services and subscriptions are fully integrated, while the payment schedule is in-sync with the client’s expectations.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

    Delivered patient billing software features a smart set of business intelligence tools that help your clients track expenses, browse history, forecast revenue and carry out more accurate financial planning.

  • Greater security and compliance

    The SmartexLab medical billing software follows international healthcare regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the HITECH Act, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  • Continuous improvement

    Bespoke medical billing solutions from our expert team provide ample room for process and system improvement based on the achieved results and ensure quality deliverables to the patients.

  • Complete integration

    We offer open billing systems that seamlessly integrate with your CRM, payment gateways, marketing automation software, etc. and stimulate an uninterrupted information exchange.

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Medical billing software for your employees
Optimize the working hours of your medical staff with SmartexLab’s agile medical billing solutions.
Keep tabs on the finances

Keep tabs on the finances

Medical billing software development services help optimize the accuracy of finances and guarantee transparent transactions. With SmartexLab’s tailor-made solutions, you can integrate cash flows between various departments and easily adapt to new policies and regulations.

Cut your spending

Cut your spending

By automating your billing routine, you optimize your materials, equipment and storage needs, bear fewer staffing costs and avoiding retrieval fees.

Boost your staff efficiency

Boost your staff efficiency

By fully automating the billing routine, your employees realize their efficiency potential as they dedicate more time and effort to high-quality patient care.

Track enterprise performance

Track enterprise performance

The SmartexLab medical billing software helps you fulfill the key performance indicators of your healthcare enterprise, set your revenue goals and brush up on your billing techniques in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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