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Custom EMR and EHR Development and Integration Services

Since 2014, SmartexLab has been focused on delivering advanced medical solutions to healthcare providers worldwide and developing task-oriented EMR and EHR know-hows that modernize medical routines and help provide the patient care of tomorrow.

Aided by a tailor-made EMR or EHR software development services, your medical force disposes of the latest all-round information, promotes patient data integrity, and keeps your PHI secure. Work with us on software products related to:

  • Medical scheduling
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Portals for patients
  • mHealth applications
  • Data management

Partnering with SmartexLab, you can reduce your medical facility’s operational costs, achieve maximum productivity through better communication and claim a standout position in the healthcare market.

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How we help your healthcare organization

SmartexLab is a team that brings rich expertise and a diverse skill set to every project. Rely on high-quality, affordable healthcare software development solutions delivered on time, on budget, and ready to use.

How we work
SmartexLab has extensive EMR/EHR software development experience for web and mobile platforms, and proven domain expertise in healthcare software. We are here to guide you and help advance the quality of your product or service.
Medical domain expertise

Medical domain expertise

We are proud to have senior-level experts on board with in-depth knowledge and skills in delivering custom healthcare IT solutions and EHR integration services for clients in line with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Collaboration flexibility

Collaboration flexibility

We are ready to jump headfirst into your digital project and deliver fast solutions, working remotely or on-site. If more research is needed, we offer Discovery phase services and identify all the business/tech requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

Transparent project management

Transparent project management

Dedicated to Agile principles and ideals, we apply the Scrum and Kanban frameworks and maintain daily communication with our clients. Benefit from 24/7 access to powerful project management tools to ensure your project runs on time and on budget.

Top-notch tech skills

Top-notch tech skills

Handle strategically important, critical projects with our team of over 70 experts. Leverage your performance with their first-hand knowledge of web and mobile development, testing, deployment, integration as well as cloud computing.

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