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SmartexLab is committed to helping organizations that provide healthcare services streamline their operations and deliver world-class care to their patients.

We are a full-cycle healthcare software development team, offering niche expertise in medical web and mobile software development with a focus on the latest technologies.

Our advanced knowledge and expertise let us provide advanced solutions for doctors, hospitals, and healthcare practices.

What We Do

As one of the leading medical software companies, we deliver technology solutions and services for healthcare organizations across all major domains, including dental practices, pharmacies, physical therapy providers, and veterinary offices.

  • Improving care quality

    Discover a wide range of healthcare solutions aimed at streamlining clinical workflows, maintaining patient information and tracking recovery progress. Eliminate routine work with advanced technological tools for effective care management:

    • EMR/EHR portals
    • Location tracking for patients, medical staff and equipment
    • Healthcare information exchange
    • Chronic disease management
    • Clinical content management
    • Laboratory management
    • Health monitoring and diagnosis
    • Blood operations management
    • Medication tracking
    • E-prescribing
  • Digital experience for patients

    Facilitate the delivery of care and information beyond medical facilities. Reach out to patients on the go boosting their awareness of personal health via web and mobile:

    • Patient portals
    • mHealth apps
    • VR/AR hardware and software
    • Remote patient monitoring systems
    • Patient engagement solutions
  • Medical practice management and operations

    Increase care quality and financial effectiveness with medical software development services and solutions for internal operations procedures, equipment tracking, and facilities management solutions. We provide development support for:

    • Healthcare CRMs
    • Medical billing
    • Healthcare supply chain management
    • Insurance claims management
    • Hospital asset and equipment tracking
    • Inventory and procurement
  • Healthcare data analytics

    Make data-driven decisions based on Big Data and BI-powered results. As a medical software company, we know how to handle large, diverse and complex electronic healthcare data sets, configure scalable and secure data warehouses, and analyze vast amount of medical data:

    • User-friendly and intuitive dashboards
    • Data segmentation and clustering
    • Performance reports and cost analysis
    • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
    • Financial management

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How We Add Value

Utilize SmartexLab’s medical software development experience to optimize workflows within your healthcare organization, analyze healthcare data and leverage the quality of medical services across dental, clinic, therapist, pharmacy and veterinary domains.


Maximize the benefits of using our custom dental software for oral surgeons, dentists and doctors at hospitals or private clinics.

We focus on integrated dental software that includes patient management, clinical management, and administration with the help of various software modules. They include appointment management systems, dental charts, billing systems, insurance trackers, reporting tools, and reception management modules.

Make your daily tasks easy and limit paperwork with our customized dental software systems.


Leverage your business KPIs with our veterinary software aimed at transforming the administrative and clinical operations of veterinary organizations.

We develop fully customized vet software, including, but not limited to, cloud-based veterinary practice management software, cross-platform applications, GPS trackers, pet IoT devices, veterinary client communication systems, and custom integration solutions for veterinary software programs.

Optimize the efficiency of your veterinary business, manage employees, facilities and equipment.

Hospital and clinic

Ensure secure, trusted and informative patient communication with hospital software.

We build and develop hospital information system software for patient management, appointment and scheduling, in-patient requirements management, electronic medical records, billing, laboratory tests, and outpatient management. Improve your performance with our clinical software development expertise, unique project methodology, and software architecture patterns.

Physical therapy

Run your practice with innovative therapy software and strong support systems.

The stack of SmartexLab’s physical therapy software includes physical therapy EMR/EHR systems, documentation management applications, revenue cycle management solutions, and custom mobile applications.

We engineer therapy practice software in line with all regulatory standards and requirements, including HIPAA, HL7, MACRA, and more to help your physical therapy practice achieve maximum productivity.


Spend more time focusing on your patients by letting our pharmacy software help you take care of your business.

SmartexLab’s pharmacy software offering includes advanced pharmacy software and automation systems, pharmacy revenue cycle management solutions, e-prescribing modules, document management solutions, and BI tools.

Achieve your business objectives by choosing a retail pharmacy software fully customized to meet your needs.

How We Help Your Healthcare Organization

SmartexLab is a team that brings rich expertise and a diverse skill set to every project. Rely on high-quality, affordable healthcare software development solutions delivered on time, on budget, and ready to use.

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How we work
SmartexLab has medical software development experience for web and mobile platforms, and proven domain expertise in healthcare software. We are here to guide you and help advance the quality of your product or service.
Medical domain expertise

Medical domain expertise

We are proud to have senior-level experts on board with deep knowledge and skills in delivering custom healthcare IT solutions and medical software development services for clients in line with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Collaboration flexibility

Collaboration flexibility

We are ready to jump headfirst into your digital project and deliver fast solutions, working remotely or on-site. If more research is needed, we offer Discovery phase services and identify all the business/tech requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

Transparent project management

Transparent project management

Dedicated to Agile principles and ideals, we apply the Scrum and Kanban frameworks and maintain daily communication with our clients. Benefit from 24/7 access to powerful project management tools to ensure your project runs on time and on budget.

Top-notch tech skills

Top-notch tech skills

Handle strategically important, critical projects with our team of over 50 experts. Leverage your performance with their first-hand knowledge of web and mobile development, testing, deployment, integration as well as cloud computing.

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