We focus our work on multiple software development methodologies to deliver value to you and your clients with one goal in mind – to scale and grow your business.

Our Development Methodologies

Depending on the nature of your needs, SmartexLab team will recommend the most appropriate software development methodologies from a variety of what we are experienced with. Your projects will be delivered on time and to the highest standard of quality, transparency and within the budget.


SmartexLab team offers Scrum as a software development methodology for innovative projects with a flexible scope of work, changing requirements, or tight deadlines.

Over the years, we have accumulated experience to deal with such projects and focus on how to maximize the team’s ability to deliver quickly, respond to emerging requirements, and adapt to evolving technologies and changes on the market.

Key benefits with SmartexLab

  • Advanced project management
  • Smooth process management
  • In-depth requirements analysis
  • Independent QA review
  • Transparent communication

Our approach to Scrum

  • Committed team

    SmartexLab assigns a development team, Scrum Master and when there’s such a request – Product Owner – to your project. These people are responsible for smooth and timely delivery aligned with the overall project’s strategy, requirements and deadlines.

  • Quick delivery

    Scrum get you started with the development fast and emphasizes quick iterative delivery of shippable results with every sprint.

  • Define your scope of work

    Initiate changes at different stages of development and benefit from Scrum with SmartexLab. We use our own techniques to monitor requirements management process, active development phase and backlog.

  • Transparent environment

    Apart from daily Scrum meetings, SmartexLab offers custom tools to track daily progress, challenges, blockers and predict team performance at a glance.

  • Risk and budget management

    SmartexLab pays special attention to risk and budget management. We have detailed procedures in place that allow early identification of risks and proposes optimal risk tackling strategies to ensure the project’s success.

  • Customer satisfaction is king

    Get full coverage of your project and maximize efficiency with 24/7 online reporting set in project management tools like Jira and Confluence, daily stand-ups, meetings or calls and weekly reports to make sure the project is on time and on budget.

Steps in Scrum

Product backlog of prioritized work to be done
Sprint planning of backlog items
Daily standup meetings to keep the team on track
Sprint review meeting
Sprint retrospective meeting
Backlog refinement for the next sprint
Completed increment

Key benefits with SmartexLab

  • Workflow visualization and tracking
  • Focus on continuous delivery
  • Reduction of wasted time
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Team members’ ability to focus


Kanban is one of the most effective workflow management methods. SmartexLab offers it when a project requires a visual representation of the work in progress and limiting tasks taken in an iteration to meet the goals of the sprint and avoid the development team overburdening.

Our approach to Kanban

  • Visualize

    We stick to a visual representation of your process to see potential and real problems that may impact the output of the project.

  • Limit

    With the Kanban methodology, the team ensures efficiency and continuous progress of the project due to the limiting of work in progress.

  • Optimize

    We collect and analyze project-related data to create indicators and metrics for existing and future problems.

  • Improve

    Our team is focused on continuous improvement, achieved through regular feedback cycles that motivate specialists to implement new creative approaches and solutions.

Kanban workflow

SmartexLab's team works from a Kanban board in the order listed below:

High-level goal setting
Story queue with the tasks ready to be started
Elaboration and acceptance of the tasks
Quality assurance


Want a detailed visualization for the end product and to see the results step by step? Choose the Waterfall project management model and benefit from clear milestones implemented in a sequence.

The SmartexLab approach to the Waterfall model is characterized by active communication and detailed reporting to track the progress of the project and mitigate risks.

Key benefits with SmartexLab

  • Detailed system documentation and user guides
  • All IPRs are transferred to a client
  • Better time management within the team
  • Easy to understand process
  • Client knows what and when to expect
  • Easy to track and measure results
  • Save time and money

Our approach to Waterfall

  • Idea elaboration

    When you just have a high-level idea, we help with a baseline assessment of the project, its cost analysis and its benefits. Once the idea is created, the project team defines scope, purpose, and a set of deliverables for successful implementation.

  • Documentation

    Documentation is the central element in this model that includes product requirements, design and source code in all stages.

  • Time and resources

    Timelines are set at the beginning of the project and the team should adhere to them without causing urgency.

  • Clearly defined steps

    The stages of the project development should be well defined as they have to be completed in the order and without overlap.

Phases in Waterfall

Requirements gathering
System design
Quality Assurance


Trust enables both sides to see our progress and allows for effective communication 24/7.

Proactive attitudee

We are not just a vendor. Our clients are our partners in creating value. We dive into the specifics of your business, assist in choosing the right technology and guide through the development cycle to achieve success.


We follow an agile methodology that allows us to quickly adapt to any challenges and rapidly changing business needs.

Result-driven motivation

When we commit to something, we define a specific, measurable, and realistic goal you want to achieve and deliver on results, meeting the deadlines and budgets.

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