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A wide variety of payment gateway integration solutions guarantee transparent, user-friendly online purchasing and create savings in terms of workforce and time. We upgrade both web and mobile payment processing tools to seamlessly integrate with billing software, reporting software, etc. and boost the efficiency of your operations.

We tailor payment processing software to your needs by customizing the administration dashboard, adding storage for credit card details, bank-grade security, fraud detection and risk management features.

SmartexLab provides comprehensive payment gateway integration services, custom handling the online purchasing operations of your clients.

Payment Gateway Integration: Benefits For Your Clients

Stay in-sync with the e-commerce market of tomorrow by choosing the SmartexLab high-tech digital solutions.

  • Positive customer experience

    The SmartexLab payment processing software sports a straightforward user-friendly interface that encourages intuitive dashboard navigation from any device, and guides your clients towards a secure transaction.

  • Transaction variety

    With the SmartexLab feature-rich payment gateway solutions, your clients can perform multi-currency transactions with no site-gateway-site friction while returning customers gain access to one-click transactions or automated recurring billing.

  • Powerful reporting and analytics

    Delivered payment gateway integration solutions are enhanced with a smart set of business intelligence tools that help your clients browse payment history, track full and partial refunds, follow transaction statuses in real time and export payment reports.

  • Greater security and compliance

    We develop secure payment software that adheres to the PCI standards. This ensures your clients’ sensitive payment card information is protected 24/7.

  • Flexibility, personalization and permission management

    SmartexLab’s payment processing software can be personalized to show only the relevant data to your clients.

  • Real-time communication

    Automate payment confirmation emails, push notifications, SMS notifications and email reminders to let your clients know that their operation was successful.

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Payment gateway integration: benefits for your employees
Make the most of your business resources with SmartexLab’s top-notch payment processing software.
Boost your staff efficiency

Boost your staff efficiency

With an integrated payment processing tool, the payment information immediately appears on your accounting or ERP systems, which relieves your staff from a repetitive workload and gives them the opportunity to concentrate on the real issues at hand.

Tune your accounts

Tune your accounts

Delivered innovative payment gateway software streamlines data entry from the point of transaction directly into the general ledger, which reduces the risk of human error in your accounts.

Prevent fraud and data breach

Prevent fraud and data breach

We develop powerful payment processing tools enhanced with rule-based algorithms that analyze transactional patterns, system access requests, user behavior and history, and protect the system from fraudulent activities and data breaches.

Track enterprise performance

Track enterprise performance

The SmartexLab payment processing software helps you maintain the key performance indicators of your enterprise, update your revenue goals and brush up on your financial management techniques in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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