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Delivered payroll solutions are complete with employment data centralization features such as contracts, CBAs, performance records, leaves, timesheets and conversations.

We develop both web and mobile payroll software for accountants that seamlessly integrate with existing software and hardware that track employee and customer data with the goal of boosting efficiency.

With a high-tech payroll management system, you can minimize the processing time and costs of payroll, and ensure correct salary, overtime, vacation and sick leave, as well as tax payments is given.

SmartexLab offers robust cloud-based payroll software for small and mid-size businesses, custom designed to streamline the tasks of processing employees’ salaries.

Payroll Automation Software: Benefits For Your Business

Make the most of your business with SmartexLab’s top-notch payroll automation software.

  • Planning future costs wisely

    We offer payroll automation software that is complete with a tool for planning your team’s growth and budgeting, which helps you calculate the exact total cost of an employee.

  • No need to outsource

    With bespoke, in-house payroll software, you can retain complete control over your financial data without wasting time on processing or putting your confidentiality at risk due to outsourcing.

  • No need for expertise

    SmartexLab offers easy-to-manage payroll software for small and mid-size business that seek more flexibility and independence in their operations.

  • Environment-friendly

    Delivered payroll solutions sport in-built online databases to help you transition from paper-based storage to more eco-friendly digital recording.

  • Enhanced security

    Our payroll check software lets you internalize payroll management and protect sensitive data from third parties. Well-thought-out hierarchy of users and the advanced permission levels structure keeps the system secure 24/7.

  • Full transparency

    SmartexLab’s innovative payroll management systems provide drill-down access to all employees and wage-related data, and helps you settle disputes in no time.

  • Error-free calculations

    The payroll software we offer for small and mid-size businesses automates the entire process and removes the human factor from the calculation process, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

    The delivered payroll management system is power-packed with advanced reporting tools that help you customize and schedule reports, forecast labor costs, extract payroll trends and predict additional costs such as overtime, sick leave, insurance expenses, etc.

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