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Revamped website for tourist activities booking in Canada

SmartexLab redesigned a website for booking popular activities and services at tourism resorts, regions and destinations. The website was completely revamped from an old Visual basic/ASP application to a NodeJS/AngularJS single page web app.
The updated version serves the needs of tourists, but also suits hoteliers and other resellers as an effective way to provide their clients with memorable vacations.


  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Duration

    • 1.5 months

    Engagement model

    • Fixed price

    Tech stack

    • Visual Basic
    • NodeJS
    • HTML/CSS
    • AngularJS

    Key features and highlights

    • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
    • Automated activity booking operations
    • Bookings are accessible 24×7
    • Integration with other client’s modules

    Business challenge

    SmartexLab was asked to redesign the old website, to update the functions and to fix some issues.

    A team of two developers has improved the UI by making it more user-friendly and adding responsiveness.

    Delivered solution

    With the aim of executing the project specifications efficiently, SmartexLab completely revamped the website making it accessible for users, integrated it with the client’s other modules and made it simple to use by tourists and hoteliers.

    • Automation

    The updated website simplifies and automates the booking processes so that it helps the hoteliers and resellers to stay focused on their main tasks while also provides their clients with fascinating touristic activities.

    • Accessibility

    The service users can now make their own activity bookings 24×7 in advance or during the vacation.

    • Integration

    The updated website is fully integrated into the other client’s modules. Thus there are opportunities for both the resellers to book the activities on behalf of their clients and for the tourists to book for themselves.

    Project results

    The redesigned website helps tourists make online bookings for the most popular activities and services at tourist resorts and destinations in Canada.

    It has become possible to make bookings within a few seconds and the possibility of human error is zero.

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