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BeamHR: A new HR tool for Retail companies to plan employees’ occupation, vacations and contracts

SmartexLab has created a new web application providing HR specialists of small and mid-sized retailers in Spain with the opportunity to plan and control the occupation of the store staff, to assign the tasks to employees and to monitor their performance.


  • HRTech
  • Retail

Engagement model

  • Time & Material
  • Duration

    • 6 months

    Tech stack

    • PHP 7
    • Postgres
    • Symphony 3
    • React
    • Redux

    Key features and highlights

    • Complete and accurate leave records
    • Monitoring of employees’ occupancy
    • Accurate time-management
    • Relevance to the legislation of Spain and specifics of people management in retail SMEs
    • Data protection under the https protocol

    Business challenge

    SmartexLab was asked to develop a suitable HR tool for small and medium-sized enterprises that would help to plan the employees’ occupation in accordance with the legislation of Spain and specifics of retail business.

    Time and contract types’ management was another functional feature.

    Delivered solution

    With a view to meet the customer’s requirements, SmartexLab developed a web application that allows for planning of the employees’ occupation, task assigning and multi-contracting – an opportunity to support several types of employees’ contracts.

    One of the most valuable functional features of the solution is the possibility to monitor and calculate the vacations of the employees.

    • Planning the employees’ occupation

    Helps HR specialists and employers to divide the working time of employees in accordance with actual needs.

    • Task assigning and performance monitoring

    Enables managers to assign tasks to employees, to share comments and to monitor performance terms and depth.

    • Vacations monitoring

    Provides employees with the opportunity to submit a request for vacation or a day-off. After the receipt of such a request the manager may either approve it or deny, and the appropriate notice will be sent back to the employee. This feature helps to maintain accurate and complete leave records.

    Project results

    The delivered application meets the provisions of specific Spanish legislation on rest days.

    It helps HR specialists in retail employers to manage the reporting years’ settings and to plan the working time of the employees in order to avoid long breaks.

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