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Configuration Management Product for ONEO

SmartexLab’s design and development team created a configuration management solution – the first product of ONEO, a Swiss startup.


  • DevOps


2 months MVP, then 6 months adding additional features

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • Front-end:
  • Angular
  • RxJS
  • Back-end:
  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • OpenID

Key features and highlights

The first to tap into the project was our UX designer, who created a set of wireframes and then screens to verify the look and feel of the product against the customer’s objectives. Our front- and back-end developers then contributed and married the designs with seamless engineering. Here’s what it took to build ConfigServer:

  • A fully editable table with values bulk save
  • Conflict checking for table nodes
  • Table filters for configuration groups
  • Authorization through Keycloak and GitHub
  • Creating user roles and permissions
  • Image uploading for avatars
  • Lazy loading by modules
  • REST API with standard CRUD operations
  • Global error handling
  • UX design
  • UI configuration to support multilingual translations and their storage
  • An audit log for tracking each change made by a user
  • Usage statistics retrieval

Business challenge

The Swiss startup ONEO decided to enter the software product market with their pilot solution to help DevOps and system administrators with app configuration management.

Every day, administrators manage hundreds of applications, such as microservices, that are a nightmare to maintain since they run in different environments and have different configurations. ONEO wanted to address this problem by creating an external configuration server that would centralize management of all configuration files, avoiding any modifications to the applications themselves.
The customer was looking for an experienced team of a UX designer and front- and back-end developers who could take up the entire product implementation process while collaborating with each other from a single location.
SmartexLab managed to build a team perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements, and the collaboration kicked off.

Delivered solution

SmartexLab’s team created ConfigServer – a unified system for the external storage and effective management of configuration groups for applications running across multiple environments, including development, testing, integration, and production.

The product enables the following:

  • Updating values in configuration files (simple texts and certificates), URLs and credentials for external systems by changing them in ConfigServer
  • Restricting access to configuration groups, environments, and special secured values
  • Quickly filtering configuration groups
  • Sharing access to applications using API Keys
  • Working with translations by avoiding data export to third-party applications

Project results

After a successful launch ONEO has reaped its first results – the founders started with the Swiss market and have already secured several paying customers in the region.

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