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E-commerce Integrations for an Estonian-based Startup

SmartexLab helped an Estonian startup bring their e-commerce platform for gadget deals to the global market in just two months.


  • E-commerce


  • 2 months

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Python 2/3
  • Flask
  • MongoEngine (MongoDB)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS

Key features and highlights

Core Platform Integrations

  • SFC Delivery Service

Consumers can place an order for a product through the SFC China Warehouse API. The service includes the automated shipment of a product from the warehouse, along with assigning individual tracking numbers to orders to ensure they aren’t lost in transit.

  • 17track Service

Consumers can track the status of their deliveries and receive notifications via email as soon as the items are ready for collection.

  • Payment Providers (EBANX and 2Checkout)

The app receives payments from global customers via different card types (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc).

  • MailGun Service

The app supports the creation of consumer subscription groups and the sending of automatic emails about orders, discounts and new arrivals.

Performance Challenge

  • Leveraged experience of the platform by caching processed data
  • Splitting the architecture into serverless services

Business challenge

The client sought a solution that would allow them to launch an e-commerce platform to bring the best gadget deals to users across the globe.

The company was motivated to make the platform stand out from the crowd. They wanted to create a separate online microstore for each unique listed product. This would help to improve search engine marketing performance, engage consumers with an easy-to-navigate design and ultimately drive up the conversion rate.

Initially, the customer was looking for professional Python and JS developers to work on the CRM development for the e-commerce solution. SmartexLab created a team of software engineers with a precise skillset to complete this task quickly so the further collaboration came from it.

Delivered solution

SmartexLab undertook the CRM development and provided integration of the core services into the customer’s e-commerce platform.

These third-party integrations were designed to cover the essential components of the digital shopping experience.

Project results

It took two months for our team of two software engineers to complete the development process and boost the client's e-commerce platform with four core modules.

These covered:

  • Payment gateways and processing
  • Order dispatch automation
  • Delivery tracking
  • Email marketing

On top of that, the SmartexLab team introduced a microservice architecture that cracked the problem of the system’s performance. Currently, the online store is in operation, attracting global audiences looking for gadget deals and effortless digital shopping.

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