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Dealtable: Secure Deal Management Platform for a NYC Startup

SmartexLab helped to bring the Dealtable startup to life by building a cloud-based document management platform to simplify deal closure for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.


  • FinTech


  • 8 months

Engagement model

  • Fixed Price
  • T&M

Tech stack

  • Python 3.3
  • Django 1.9
  • AngularJS 1.5
  • Gulp
  • Git
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS

Key features and highlights

UX features

  • Instant user access

Password-less registration that requires only an email. Near-zero time is spent on creating an account, and there are no passwords to get lost or forgotten.

  • Document version control

Version-based file storage that enables real-time collaboration on uploaded files. The feature allows users to select the versions to be shown to other deal members.

Technical Highlights

  • Scrum became the project methodology of choice to ensure fast-paced product delivery.
  • The team used the AWS S3 global cloud infrastructure for the secure and reliable storage of uploaded files.
  • To enable social sharing of deals to Twitter and Facebook, which don’t support API integration of web pages, the team came up with an original solution to take and save deal snapshots on the backend, and then share deal tombstones as clickable images of appropriate sizes to social networks.

Business challenge

The client was on a mission to ease the document collaboration process for entrepreneurs and venture capital investors involved in negotiating complex multilateral deals.

The company was looking for a vendor to build an online deal management platform that would automate document management workflows, introduce role-based access to documents, and enable digital signatures while ensuring all-around security of confidential data. This way, the platform could serve as a single point of access for all related documents — like a Dropbox for deals.

Delivered solution

The project kicked off in 2016 with an MVP, which was delivered in 3 months.

After the product’s viability had been validated on the market, the team then went on to enhance the platform with a range of features, such as:

  • Legally-binding digital signature

Allows users to speed up deal closure: uploaded PDFs can be signed by the stakeholders digitally, sparing them the need to produce a paper copy.

  • Advanced permission system

Ensures secure role-based access to documents for such roles as non-registered users, registered non-deal members, and deal members.

  • Embedded image/video/PDF viewer

Helps to streamline collaboration and negotiation, allowing users to view and manipulate documents directly on the website.

  • Activity tracking on deals and files

Enables users to create, view, update, archive and share their deals with other deal members. They can also monitor activity logs on their shared documents.

  • Deal sharing

Enables embedding of public deals as iframes to external websites, as well as sharing deal tombstones as widgets to Twitter and Facebook.

Project results

SmartexLab built the Dealtable online deal management platform from the ground up in eight months, with the first three months dedicated to delivering an MVP.

The platform went on to win the 2016 Rising Star and 2017 Great User Experience awards.

What our client says

Ryan Saleh, Co-Founder @Dealtable

SmartexLab has a knack for quickly understanding complex specifications and rapidly spinning up a talented team. Their engineers are well-versed in all the modern technologies, architectures and frameworks. Working with SmartexLab feels like working with an internal team.

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