Secure Deal Management Platform

Dealtable is a deal management platform that allows users to securely collaborate, market, and close deals faster. Like Dropbox for deals.

Main features included:

  • – Email-based (passwordless) registration/login flow
  • – Full deal management cycle: create, view, update, archive, share with investors/partners
  • – Each deal has files organized into folders like in Dropbox
  • – Complex access rights configuration
  • – Support for all the most popular image/video/PDF formats
  • – PDF e-signing, users can collaborate on documents online
  • – Tracked history, users can view all activity on the deals/folders/files shared with them
  • – Share deals-tombstones to social networks (FB/Twitter)

We met with the founders long before this project, worked together on a number of web and mobile applications, so, when they came up with the idea for this startup they immediately gave the project to SmartexLab.

We created MVP and then built the whole product from the ground up, which is up and running now. Meanwhile the founders of Dealtable continue to work with us on other products.


  • Fixed Price

Technology stack

  • AngularJS 1.5
  • CSS3
  • Django 1.9
  • Git
  • HTML5
  • Python 3.3
  • SASS


    6 months

    Team effort

    30 man-months


    Released on June 2016, in support