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CRM solution for hotel management

SmartexLab executed a hotel management CRM for a German-based company that owns a number of hotels and other wellness and fitness facilities. The delivered solution is an internal tool that allows the client to update hotel data (general information, price categories, room description, etc.) and for general website administration.


  • Travel and Hospitality


  • 6 months

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • Vue.js
  • GraphQL
  • coreUI
  • Python
  • Django

Key features and highlights

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Automated hotel management operations
  • Simplification of time-consuming tasks
  • Integration with other software solutions

Business challenge

SmartexLab was asked to create frontend templates and to replace the outdated software in the framework of a hotel management system.

Improving the existing system with the aim of its further development became SmartexLab’s top priority.

Delivered solution

To execute the project specifications efficiently, SmartexLab created software that aids in the management of the hotel business and makes the accomplishment of various tasks more effective.

The developed solution is capable of automating various hotel management operations, simplification of time-consuming tasks, and integration with other software solutions of the customer.

  • Automation

The upgraded software provides for automation of various operations such as room reservations, room assignment, guest check-in and check-out, and other activities related to hospitality operations.

  • Simplification

The new system is intuitive and easy to operate which helps to save time.

  • Integration

The updated system can be easily integrated into other customer’s solutions in the field of hotel and other wellness and fitness facilities management.

Project results

The delivered software solution was well received by the customer who was pleased with their effective partnership with SmartexLab.

The new hotel management system helps to better the performance of the hotel and wellness business from both a managerial and operational standpoint.

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