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Internal Data Analysis Tool for a UK Online Retailer

SmartexLab helped a UK-based online retailer to develop a handy reporting & analytics tool based on the data sourced from the Gemini tracker and other reporting tools used internally by the company.


  • Time tracking
  • BPM
  • Data Analytics


  • 1+ year

Engagement model

  • Fixed Price
  • T&M

Tech stack

  • PHP 7
  • Symfony 2.8
  • MySQL 5
  • jQuery
  • InspiniaJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Docker
  • Bitbucket
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony 2.8
  • Composer
  • Javascript
  • Git
  • Doctrine2

Key features and highlights

  • Report-generating tool that works through data mapping from the APIs of Gemini and two other internal systems.
  • Comprehensive visualization of the company’s statistics through charts, tables and filters.
  • Automatic updates of the reporting data within preconfigured time periods (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Regular email notifications for admin users containing the reports.

Business challenge

One of the largest online retailers in the UK, with 5,000+ employees, was seeking to level up its internal business process management with advanced reporting and analytics.

At the time, the company’s departments were using several custom project activity trackers, including Gemini. Yet as fragmented as they were, these tools had critical data scattered across them and thus hindered decision making.

The company was looking to enhance its business process analysis with a tool that would collect data from all internal tracking systems, process it and provide more profound reporting.

Previously, the client worked with us on a number of projects, such as revamping their legacy UI for a few e-commerce websites into a mobile-friendly one. Satisfied with the results, the client approached us with their next project.

Delivered solution

Using PHP Symfony2 and Docker, our software engineers developed an advanced reporting application with the following modules:

  • Sprint Reports

The metrics of the reports are useful for sprint retrospective meetings and mid-sprint progress checks.

  • Burndown Charts

The charts compare expected amounts of tasks in previous sprints with the actual ones.

  • Bug Reports

The reports present dynamic data on bugs filtered by teams or sprints, either as historic for a particular period or in real-time.

  • Performance Reports

The tab provides access to dynamic graphs that show the statistics on completed tasks by teams, application areas or individual developers.

  • Settings

An intuitive admin panel allows managers to configure teams, lists of developers, frequency of email notifications to managers, as well as compare team-by-team performance by period, sprint, and amount of bugs found.

  • Telegram Integration

Telegram notifications were implemented to notify Admin users about the completion of reports generation with short statistics information right in the message.

Project results

In six months, the team delivered the first version of the application.

This reporting system upgraded the customer’s project management workflows and enabled in-depth data analysis on tasks, team performance and bug tracking. This resulted in an increase of the team’s overall productivity and quality.

The project has been in progress for more than one year to ensure the app is updated with new features and ongoing improvements. Overall, the solution is easily scalable and flexible to further customizations.

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