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SmartexLab helped to make traffic ticket defense in North Carolina trouble-free with the web platform.


  • Legal services


  • 3 months

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.9
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery

Key features and highlights

  • To make a powerful visualized reporting system, SmartexLab used a combo of AngularJS and Chart.js, the most advanced front-end frameworks at that time.
  • We removed the excessive code in the admin panel and client-facing forms as well as refactored the left ones.

Business challenge

US-based Hatley Law Office helps North Carolina drivers reduce or dismiss their traffic ticket charges by providing traffic attorney services.

Fueled by the idea of digitizing their legal practice, the customer launched a dedicated web platform to automate hiring attorneys as well as overall ticket management processes. However, it required substantial refactoring due to the following reasons:

  • As the business grew, the legacy platform couldn’t handle the clients’ application load.
  • The customer needed more automation in distributing the workload among the attorneys, whose number had considerably increased.
  • The customer planned to introduce new services which also required automation.

The final web solution was expected to enable online sign-up for representation 24 hours a day. This way, the law firm’s clients could get rid of unnecessary paperwork and reduce their face time with attorneys while still staying in touch with them around the clock.

The customer chose SmartexLab’s team to incorporate this technology which eventually helped them expand their client base across North Carolina.

We were right up the customer’s alley for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we had a vast experience with business workflows automation for SMEs in the US. Secondly, our PM had excellent English and could transform high-level business requirements into the low-level tasks for developers. This is exactly what a customer with no technical expertise is looking for in a contractor.

Delivered solution

Our full-stack developer and a project manager analyzed the legacy codebase and found it unextendable.

So, SmartexLab made an entire architecture revamp by moving to a new stack, rewrote existing features as well as added six new modules.

  • Secure Authentication

The security of sensitive data is now substantially improved due to the use of Django built-in Cross-Site Request Forgery token protection.

  • Client Account Management

The system allows for adding new clients to the database, storing their contact details and preferred notification method, as well as assigning appropriate attorneys according to their jurisdiction.

  • Case-specific Table Rows

Each case is represented in a tabular form and is classified by accident type. The tables contain buttons allowing for data to be sent to the server and be processed according to the server’s response.

  • Notifications

These are notifications to admins on the correspondence between clients and their attorneys. Admins can look up all the details, such as addresses, message body, delivery time, etc.

  • Feedback Automation

This feature ensures a 100% automated feedback cycle to clients’ emails on every possible subject: from document signing to final court decisions. The new refactored feedback forms are now customized depending on the responses from local courts.

  • Reports

The reports feature enables the analysis and visualization of the data stored in the database. Both attorneys and admins can choose a reporting period and get the stats on clients’ gender, age group, location, etc.

Project results

Since the platform’s release in 2016, this business workflows’ digitalization enabled the client to grow the company exponentially, extend to new counties faster, and hire and manage more attorneys easily, etc.

By bringing automation and transparency to the table, the quality of the services provided increased as well; that you can see from 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook. SmartexLab is proud to share credit for the platform’s success. Here are the features most appreciated by clients:

  • Automated interaction with attorneys

With, the good old face-to-face times are dead and gone. The platform brings all the communication online and automates the entire case settling process.

  • County-based personalization

Each NC county has its own specific traffic laws. assigns clients to the attorneys who run their legal practices in the same county.

At the moment, the client already has a 24/7 online representation in 42 counties across North Carolina and is planning to expand to cover the entire state.

After the successful launch of the platform, the client has collaborated with SmartexLab team several more times for the development of additional features and enhancements.

What our client says

Thomas Kuell, Business Director

“SmartexLab not only helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas — which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.”

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