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Productivity and Process Optimization with Front-end for a Kubermatic Container Engine

SmartexLab helped Loodse develop its front-end and optimize the company’s Kubermatic platform to make working with Kubernetes highly efficient and trouble-free for teams of developers.


  • DevOps


  • 8 months

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • Angular
  • Angular Material
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • Redux
  • KarmaJS
  • Jasmine
  • RxJS

Key features and highlights

Front-end Tech Aspects

  • Development of lazy loading modules

With the lazy loading modules, the application group related functional components and commands on demand. It helps to decrease the launch time, as there is no need to load everything at once.

  • Full refactoring of the clustering

The same application elements need to be mapped to multiple container components, while global components have to be accessible from anywhere. For this, SmartexLab team used Redux instead of @Input/@Output to make sharing states and dispatch commands faster and more convenient.

  • Development of high-level API

Since Docker containers are difficult to scale and launch simultaneously on a large number of Docker hosts, SmartexLab team launched a high-level API to power this process. The API supports logical clustering of containers, allowing to define pools of containers, balance their load and set up their location.

Other Highlights

  • As the Kubermatic platform has been already launched, the SmartexLab team took over the management and support of the existing app.
  • The team managed to tune operating environments, optimize working processes, automate the CI/CD conveyor and increase the productivity of application development.
  • The team enabled containerized application development on a highly reliable and scalable microservice architecture.

Business challenge

Loodse’s flagship platform Kubermatic provides the whole set of automation tools a developer or a team of developers need to run scalable Kubernetes systems both on cloud and on-premises.

As Kubermatic manages Docker containers on multiple hosts and provides co-location and replication of numerous containers, it requires lots of resources for a flawless performance. Striving to optimize the capacity of operating and clustering processes, Loodse turned to SmartexLab for extra help and fast solutions.

The ultimate goal of our client was to ensure smooth cooperation for software development teams that operate in different environments, as well as continuous control over their activities.

Loodse used to cope with platform development and maintenance in-house. But with the rapid project growth and the expansion of their back-end team, the company had to reinforce the application’s front-end development with an extra set of hands.

Delivered solution

SmartexLab took over the entire front-end scope of the solution that fully automates deployment and management of containerized applications in a virtualization environment at the operating system level.

Project results

SmartexLab mapped all the client’s requirements on the technology landscape, delivering a ready-to-use solution just eight months since the collaboration started.

Loodse continues to work with Smartexlab team for professional help with platform development or for covering some ongoing tasks that require all hands on deck.

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