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Two-in-one CRM solution for a veterinary practice

SmartexLab proved its front- and back-end prowess in designing a web- and mobile-based CRM-inspired veterinary practice suite. The delivered mobile app enables users to make an appointment online, and indicate as much information as possible about the pet’s health. The clinic’s web-based software manages scheduling, staffing, and procedures.


  • Healthcare


  • 4 months

Engagement model

  • Time & Material

Tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • nestjs
  • gulp
  • Angular
  • rxjs
  • primeng
  • SCSS
  • MySQL
  • sequelize
  • bluebird
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • ionic
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Cloudfront

Key features and highlights

  • Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • Desk- and mobile-based solutions for Android and iOS
  • Effortless appointment scheduling
  • Two-way communication between pet owners and veterinary clinics
  • Data protection under HIPAA regulations

Business challenge

A US-based veterinary service provider referred to SmartexLab to build an MVP, followed by a full product that would increase pet owners satisfaction, upgrade the level of animal care and improve staff management.

Finding the best UX solution became the top priority of SmartexLab.

Delivered solution

To meet the client’s goals, SmartexLab’s brought together a dream team composed of one Product Manager, Team Lead, three software developers and one QA engineer.

The delivered two-in-one CRM suite features online appointment scheduling, pet treatment records, pet owner notification, and seamless integration.

  • Scheduling

Provides pet owners with a choice of easy-to-schedule appointments, matching vets’ availabilities, skills, locations and preferences considering the pet’s condition.

  • Pet treatment records

Gives the full picture of the pet’s treatment history complete with previous visits, prescribed treatments, and images, elevating the quality of animal care and boosting owner satisfaction.

  • Pet owner notifications

Sends automatic reminders of pre-scheduled or recurring vet visits, drastically reducing no-shows and altering the vet’s routine.

  • Integration

Provides uninterrupted navigation experience and automatic data synchronization across multiple platforms and devices.

Project results

The delivered CRM suite was implemented across 4 veterinary clinics with 70+ employees, helping some thousands of pet owners to effortlessly schedule a vet appointment at the most critical moments.

The comprehensive software relieved the client’s employees of time-consuming manual pet treatment record tracking, decreased no-show appointments via pet owner notifications, and ultimately increased the clinics’ profitability and efficiency.

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