Custom Medical Practice Management Software

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Our high-tech portfolio spans dental practice management software, hospital management system, therapy practice management software, pharmacy management software, and veterinary practice management software.

Medical practice management is power-packed with patient billing, appointment scheduling, patient registration, reporting and document management, claims processing, and inventory management features.

We develop both web and mobile MPM solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing employee and patient data and bring your medical practice into the future.

SmartexLab develops comprehensive medical practice management software, custom designed to streamline the business side of your medical practice and boost the efficiency of your operations.

Medical Practice Management Software: Benefits For Your Patients

Stay in-sync with the healthcare market of tomorrow by choosing SmartexLab’s high-tech digital solutions.

  • Online patient portals

    Our MPM software sports a straightforward, user-friendly online patient portal that lets your patients browse their health information and communicate with their healthcare provider in real time.

  • Personal data protection

    Designed around the HIPAA mandates, the SmartexLab digital medical practice manager ensures your clients’ sensitive data is protected 24/7.

  • Accurate billing

    All medical practice management solutions are enhanced with hassle-free electronic billing tool that adds efficiency to payment processing and guarantees faster reimbursement to your clients.

  • High-quality patient care

    By streamlining administrative tasks, your staff can dedicate more time and energy to patient care, which in turn yields more customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced scheduling

    Customized medical practice management software boasts a top scheduling toolkit that allows your clients to manage their appointments online.

  • Error-free documentation

    With the SmartexLab cloud-based medical practice manager, your patients can easily access error-free test results, visit summaries and check their medical history.

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Medical practice management software: benefits for your business
Optimize your medical business resources, including staffing management with SmartexLab’s top-notch MPM solutions.
Boost your staff efficiency

Boost your staff efficiency

With the integrated MPM system, you relieve your medical staff of the repetitive workload and give them an opportunity to concentrate on high-quality patient care.

Tune your accounts

Tune your accounts

Reduce the risk of human error in your accounts with innovative medical practice management software, enhanced with streamlined data entry from the point of transaction directly into the general ledger.

Customize tech to your needs

Customize tech to your needs

We offer customizable medical practice management technology to small, midsize and large offices, complete with flexible storage and processing capabilities that grow together with your medical business.

Track your medical facility performance

Track your medical facility performance

Succeed in the key performance indicators of your medical enterprise, update your revenue goals and brush up on your financial management techniques in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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