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Automate risk assessment, KRI monitoring and craft an individual risk strategy in line with the COSO ERM framework and the ISO 3100 updates with user-friendly risk calculator. We develop both web and mobile risk analysis software that seamlessly integrates with existing employee and customer data, providing you and your clients with a hassle-free risk management experience.

Our enterprise risk management software is complete with risk scoring, multiple mitigation plans, advanced dashboard analytics and reporting, and configurable frameworks.

SmartexLab offers specialized risk management software, designed to transform your organization’s risk data into business opportunities.

Risk Management Solutions: Benefits For Your Clients

Let your clients slide through the risk analysis routine with SmartexLab’s high-tech digital solutions.

  • Positive customer experience

    The SmartexLab risk management software features a straightforward user-friendly interface that encourages intuitive dashboard navigation from any device and guarantees secure access at the desk or on the go.

  • Electronic reminders and notifications

    SmartexLab ensures your clients stay up-to-date and can take immediate action whenever a new risk is identified, a control is set or a process is activated.

  • Powerful reporting and analytics

    We craft risk analysis software complete with a smart set of business intelligence tools that help your clients track risk-related data, browse history, forecast revenue and carry out more accurate planning.

  • Greater security and compliance

    Every piece of our risk assessment software adheres to the international standards, such as ISO 31000:2009, which provides the principles, framework and process to manage risks.

  • Configurable frameworks

    The SmartexLab risk analysis software boasts configurable frameworks that reflect your clients’ risk exposure, classifications and appetite.

  • Complete integration

    We offer flexible risk management systems that seamlessly integrate with your CRM, payment gateways, and marketing automation software and encourage an uninterrupted information exchange.

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Risk management solutions: benefits for your employees
Make the most of your business resources with SmartexLab’s risk management software.
Tune your risks

Tune your risks

The delivered risk register software optimizes the accuracy of risk assessment which increases the likelihood of achieving your enterprise goals and helps you allocate your resources wisely.

Cut your spending

Cut your spending

By automating your risk analysis routine, you optimize your materials, equipment and storage needs, bear fewer staffing costs and avoid risk-induced spendings.

Boost your staff efficiency

Boost your staff efficiency

By fully automating the risk assessment routine, your employees realise their efficiency potential as they dedicate more time and effort to proactive risk treatment.

Track enterprise performance

Track enterprise performance

The SmartexLab risk management software helps you succeed in the key performance indicators of your enterprise, update your revenue goals and brush up on your risk management techniques in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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