Main focus on custom web app development: Single-page apps, RESTful API's, integration with third-party API's (payment systems, social networks, sms/email notifications etc). Marketplaces, SAAS platforms, Booking systems, eCommerce platforms etc.

Yet, to complement a web platform we often create content-driven landing pages using WordPress or other CMS.


Designed and built several native & cross-platform IOS/Android apps in Swift and Cordova/Phonegap.


Design for web and mobile apps (IOS, Android) and other digital spaces. User experience design, A/B and usability testing. All kinds of graphic design: illustrations, logos etc.


Manual & automation testing, Unit / Integration / Functional testing, Regression testing.



Nobody applies SCRUM in it's pure form (unless you work in Attlassian :) and we're not an exception. Though, on most of our projects we do work in Agile iterative way, i.e. have 1-2 weekly sprints, daily meetings, retrospectives, groomings etc. Constant communication between client and team is what really matters, form is secondary.


Yes, we do have a few projects where we apply Kanban, i.e. have boards with prioritised tasks but no strict deadlines. More suites for maintenance/support projects.

Collaboration Models

Dedicated team & team extension

Well-tuned Recruitment & Retention processes enable us to hire good resources within ~1 month and retain them for long-term on your project. How we do that?

Recruitment: organizing *BrestJS meetups and supporting JS community, constantly nurturing potential candidates - long before client's request.

Retention: through engagement both in work and common leisure activities. Oh, and we have good social benefits packages.

MVP development

Wanna build MVP before raising money? Need it yesterday? That's what we do.

Our process: first we help you define minimum viable set of features, followed by rapid prototyping, quick design or taking CSS theme and kickoff development.

It's true that complex ideas could take many months to implement, yet from our experience on average it takes 2-3 months to build a fully functional and well-tested MVP.

Full cycle product development

Have a great idea or a full product spec or designs?

We propose to start with Prototype/MVP anyway to test your idea first. Then our process looks like this:
- spec refinement, quote for wireframing/design effort
- wireframing/designs, quote or approx estimate for development effort (long-term projects can't be done on FixedPrice model)
- iterative development (usually multiple stages) with 1-2 weekly deliverables
- final deployment & ongoing maintenance/support

Contract Types

Small projects (under 3 months) with detailed requirements and fixed scope can be done on a FixedPrice basis. In case of projects which assume constantly changing specs and iterative development we work solely on a T&M basis. Dedicated team model could be done either on hourly or monthly basis.

Fixed Price

Time & material



  • Angular 1.x/2.x

AngularJS is the framework we used in more than 20 projects over the last 3 years. We started to build a large platform in Angular 2.0 in April 2016 when it was only in Beta.

Core Stack

  • NodeJS
  • Django
  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS

Started with .NET in 2014 we moved to NodeJS/Django server-side frameworks overtime cause it's easy and fast to develop with and suites perfectly for startups. We built several projects using React and other JS client-side frameworks as well. Not mentioning our UI (HTML/CSS) expertise that is based on 25+ completed apps.


  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Swift

In the meantime we continue to use .NET while working with mid-sized established businesses cause their internal legacy apps are often built in .NET. Of course we had a few web projects in PHP. Swift for native IOS. Cordova/Phonegap for crossplatform mobile development.




Global HR

Booking systems




Global HR

Booking systems



Our main clients are startups and SMBs.

We help early-stage (Pre-Seed, Seed) startups with rapid prototyping & MVP development and more mature (Seed, SeriesA+) startups to save money on ongoing development by building remote dedicated team for them or taking on a complete project.

Also, we help owners of SMBs to get their businesses to the next level with web/mobile apps. Full-cycle product development with at least twice reduced costs (compared to US suppliers).

  • 70% Startups
  • 30% Small/mid-sized businesses