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Who we are

SmartexLab is a market-disrupting web development company that has been launching small and mid-size companies into an all-in digital remake since 2014. A game-changer in web development services, we roll out sophisticated web solutions with elaborate backends and engaging UIs.

Our first-league engineering skills spread over a number of industries, including fintech, healthcare, logistics and more. Powered by a captivating UI/UX, your business performance will take off in no time.

Partnering with SmartexLab, you secure a bespoke web application, in-sync with your company’s specific requirements as well as the latest trends in the tech industry.

What We Do

  • Front-end development

    Charm your customers with a brilliant frontend solution, tailor-made to address your business challenges. Armed with multi-year expertise in JavaScript frameworks and cutting-edge tech, we create synergistic websites and applications that unlock new value for you and your clients.

    Laser-focused on UX, SmartexLab offers tasteful frontend solutions, bound to leave a long-lasting positive impression on your clients. Complete with a dynamic easy-to-navigate interface, the delivered solution will boost your website traffic and conversion, bringing your business to new heights.

  • Manual and automated QA

    Enhance your feature rollout with leading-industry QA solutions that help you test your website innovations across all browsers and screens. With a forward-thinking QA solution, you can automate cumbersome testing practices and drastically reduce your time to market.

    To hit the ground running bug-free means reduced costs for your company and a superb customer experience for your clients. Aided by manual or automated QA software, you can quickly locate pain points within your customer journey and nurse them immediately.

  • Back-end development

    Leverage your company’s performance with a strong web application core. On the edge of back-end development trends, we base your app’s structure on scalability, flexibility, and security, meaning your web application grows together with your business while seamlessly integrating with other systems and third-party services in a highly protected fashion.

    Aligned with the current tech trends, delivered solutions employ the latest tools and coding standards in Java, Python, .NET and Node.js, blending outstanding code quality with the finest practices around source code workflows.

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Industry expertise

Tap into our digital expertise across an array of business domains, accumulated over the years of intense engineering practice and rigorous self-mastery.

  • Fintech

    Excel as a next-gen financial services provider with our forward-looking fintech solutions. We provide web development services in financial management, data analytics and reporting, customer experience, and risk management and mitigation.

  • Healthcare

    Bring world-class healthcare to your patients in partnership with our full-cycle healthcare software development team. By means of digitization, you can upgrade care quality, establish financial effectiveness of your operations through advanced analytics, and reach out to patients no matter where they are.

  • Logistics

    Unlock innovation by bringing a world-class logistics solution to your workforce and your clients. With a more effective booking service at hand, you can drastically boost your fulfillment capabilities and achieve faster consignment delivery, paving the way for an outstanding customer experience.

  • Marketing and AdTech

    Revamp your marketing and advertising routine with a robust web solution that engages your clients across all channels. We partner with digital marketing agencies, market research companies, and ad networks to bring in-depth customer insights and more accountability into the industry.

  • Real estate

    Gear up your customer journey to a new property with a feature-packed web application. We offer trendy website design and seamless IDX integration to make sure your listings get noticed and sell fast.

How we work

As a custom web development company, we put our clients first. This translates into careful research into your particular business needs and an educated choice of web development methodology.

Depending on your preferred workflow style, timeline, and project goals, we adopt either the Kanban, Scrum or Waterfall boards.

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All our projects are carried out in a transparent, collaboration-friendly environment in compliance with budget and deadline.

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Why SmartexLab
We provide the digital possibility to excel in the competitive financial services landscape. Discover what makes us the right fintech solutions partner for you.
Proven domain expertise

Proven domain expertise

Being an experienced web development company for many years, we are well-versed in compliance and advanced sensitive data security requirements. We adhere to global regulatory standards and best practices, successfully implementing them on all levels.

Collaboration flexibility

Collaboration flexibility

We are ready to jump headfirst into your digital project and deliver fast, working remotely or on site. If more research is needed, we offer Discovery phase services and identify all the business/tech requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

Transparent project management

Transparent project management

Dedicated to Agile principles and ideals, we apply the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, and maintain daily communication with our clients. Benefit from 24/7 access to powerful project management tools to ensure your project runs on-time and on-budget.

Top-notch tech skills

Top-notch tech skills

Handle strategically important critical projects with our team of over 70 experts. Leverage your performance with their first-hand knowledge of web and mobile development, testing, deployment, integration as well as cloud computing.

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